April 19, 2024

Area 2 Command Onne Make Historical Revenue

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Area 2 Command Onne Make Historical Revenue
…Earns commendation from CGC

By Ebenezer William

The Nigeria Customs Service, Area II Command, Onne Port, Rivers State has recorded an unprecedented, historical milestone in the area of revenue generation. An overwhelming daily revenue collection of twenty-two billion, one hundred and eighty-four million, eight hundred and ninety-nine thousand, five hundred and eight naira (₦22,184,899,508.00) in a single day was recorded as against over two billion naira daily ever collection in the past.

Also, an unprecedented monthly revenue of fifty billion, eight hundred and sixty-three million, fifty-three thousand, nine hundred and forty-five naira, fifty-four kobo (₦50,863,053,945.54) was equally recorded in February 2024 as against forty billion, two hundred and ninety million, seven hundred and fifty-five thousand, five hundred and sixty naira, ninety-six kobos (₦40,290,755,560.96) ever generated in previous months and years.

A total of one hundred and twenty four billion, six hundred and fifty two million, seven hundred and twenty eight thousand, one hundred and eighty seven naira, fifty kobo (₦124,652,728,187.50) was generated in forty-nine (49) working days in 2024, that is January, February and Five (5) working days of March which has beaten the total figure of one hundred and eighteen billion, one hundred and seventy million, seventy-two thousand, four hundred and fifteen nairas fifty-six kobo (₦118,170,072,415.56) released from January to June (six months) in the year 2023.

The Customs Area Controller Comptroller Baba Imam said the revenue generated this year has broken four records in the Command. In February alone, firstly, it is the highest revenue generated in the history of Area 2 Command so far and the highest revenue generated in a single month. Secondly, the figure for February surpasses the monthly revenue target given to the Command. Thirdly, the daily collection made on the 7th of March is the highest revenue generated in a single day. Lastly, the total revenue of forty-nine (49) working days in 2024 together, is above the six-month revenue collected between January to June 2023.

The Command surpassed its daily target of one billion, eight hundred and ninety-five million, eight hundred and sixty-two thousand, seven hundred and nine naira, forty-six kobo (₦1,895,862,709.46) by over 1000% which is the first in the history of daily collections in the Command.

The revenue milestone of February 2024 represents a 23.3% increase above the Command’s monthly revenue target of Forty billion, two hundred and thirty-five million, thirteen thousand, nine hundred and thirty naira, eighty-four kobo (₦41,235,013,930.84). When compared to the same period in February 2023 where the command generated seventeen billion, nine hundred and eighty million, one hundred and twenty-seven thousand, three hundred and seventeen naira, six kobo (₦17,980,127,317.06), this figure represents an increase of 183%.

This figure represents the highest revenue to be collected in the history of Area 2 Command as it surpasses the revenue collected in January 2024 of forty billion, two hundred and ninety million, seven hundred and fifty-five thousand, five hundred and sixty nairas, ninety-six kobo (₦40,290,755,560.96) and, October 2023of thirty-eight billion, thirty-nine million, seven hundred and sixty-four thousand, three hundred and twenty seven nairas, forty-nine kobo (₦38,039,764,327.49).

Speaking further the Area Controller said, this feat was achieved via constant Stakeholder engagement, zero tolerance to revenue leakages, synergy, and intelligence sharing, and we have consistently made it clear that the Command welcomes only compliant traders who are willing to operate by the laid down extant laws and guidelines of importation and exportation.

The Command is optimistic and deploying various strategies to ensure that this trend continues to also surpass not only the monthly target but equally surpass the target for the year 2024 of four hundred and ninety-four billion, eight hundred and twenty million, one hundred and sixty-seven thousand, one hundred and seventy naira, seven kobos (₦494,820,167,170.07).

In addition, the Area Controller said, It is worthy to mention that the Command before now has been having weekly sporting activities and in February this year it came to the notice of the Management of Customs and in particular the Comptroller General of Customs.


Hence in addition to the performance in the area of revenue generation/collection, the Command received a Commendation letter to attest to our sporting activities and alignment to the CGC’s work-life balance initiative. The Area Controller advised Commands yet to come on broad to follow suit for the betterment of every individual working in those area Commands so that officers can be fit, physically and mentally balanced to discharge their assigned responsibilities effectively.

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