May 21, 2024

African Democracy Is A Failure From Onset

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African Democracy Is A Failure From Onset


By: Ebenezer William Etete

…Prof. Patrick Lumumba

“The major reason our democracies are failing in Africa is because we inherited a pattern of government that was not at any time suitable for our culture.”

This assertion was made by Professor Patrick Lumumba while delivering his keynote address during the Goodluck Jonathan Foundation public debate held in Yenegoa, Bayelsa State in Nigeria.

Lumumba accused the West, especially European Colonial powers of continually holding African countries by the throat.

For him, any government in Africa that does not recognize and seek the benefit of its former colonial masters will not be allowed to thrive.

He went further to say that it is only the nod from Paris that can guarantee the safety and political support of any politician who wants to assume office in any Francophone country in Africa.

This ugly trend which is also practiced by the British, Belgian and Potugese-speaking African countries has become a curse that is setting Africa and Africans backwards.

He further adduced the rate of coups d etat happened in West Africa to the continued seizure of power through fraudulent elections by corrupt politicians who knew nothing about governance but only served as stooges to Neo Colonialist powers in Europe.

He warned sternly that the way Africans in Mali, Burkina Faso, Gabon, and Niger celebrated the military takeover of power in their countries is a sign of worse days ahead.

“These military interventions should not be an end rather they should be a means to an end whereby the military in its bid to stop corrupt leaders from bleeding their countries to death can take over and midwife a fresh and credible election where a legitimate government can be installed.”

Unfortunately, he continued there have been times in the past when military officers would seize power in the guise of wanting to stop corruption only to change from their uniforms into civilian clothes and begin to rule endlessly.

He blamed African politicians for their unreasonable greed for wealth, fame and power which makes them entrench themselves in office perpetually.

Those presidents who fail to hand over the seat of government when they lose elections, according to Lumumba are no contestants at all.

He also said that no matter how good a dancer one is, that fellow is better if he knows the time to quit the stage.

In his submission, there will continue to be insecurity, terrorism, militia and poverty in Africa if we continue to serve the West is only selfish and will not stop plundering Africa for its resources.

It would be recalled that the Goodluck Jonathan Foundation’s annual discussion on burning issues in African countries is a non-profit institution seeking to raise the continent from its present debacle.

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