June 19, 2024

Responsive Judiciary Essential For Effective Maritime Industry

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By Ebenezer William

The Director-General of the Nigerian Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA) Buraimoh Jamoh affirms that in its bid to ensure a more professional approach to its operation, the agency will continue to synergise with other professional bodies in the country.

Addressing a group of delegates of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) who paid NIMASA a courtesy visit, Jamoh stated that due to the nature of the maritime business which is time bound in its activities, working with the judiciary is of great essence if resolutions are to be arrived at in good time.

Speaking further at the occasion the NIMASA boss told the lawyers present that it is pertinent for the judiciary to expedite action in attending and concluding matters relating to maritime if investors’ confidence in the sector is anything to go by.

He, therefore, adjured members of the NBA to cooperate with the judiciary in ensuring that matters arising from litigation on maritime matters are dealt with promptly.

Touching the area of piracy, Jamoh asserted that the Suppression of Piracy and Other Maritime Crimes, (SPOMO ) Act 2019, is a testament to the victory of all maritime stakeholders over anti-state actors in the Nigerian maritime domain.

While appraising the judiciary for solid professionalism In the dispensation of justice, Jamoh recalled that 23 convictions have been made so far among which 10 were sentenced to 10 years imprisonment, another 10 to seven years while 3 foreigners were fined for their participation In the illicit trade along the Nigerian waterways and across the Gulf of Guinea.

Jamoh also stressed on the benefit of training as a congruent factor in achieving the desired standard required for a developed maritime sector as seen in other big player-countries on the world stage, pointing out the fact that some of their staff are being trained in World Maritime University, (WMU), Sweden in admiralty law and other related areas.

Shortly before Jamoh’s address was a brief remark made by the chairman of the Abuja chapter of NBA, Mr. Ajeh Monday who commended NIMASA for aiding and championing a plausible collaboration among players in the industry to ensure a better business environment.

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