July 25, 2024

Tanker Drivers, Police Adulterate PETROLEUM Products

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By Ebenezer William

Buba Marwa road at Ijegun Egba the hub of petroleum downstream activities is gradually becoming a harem of economic saboteurs.

Eyewitnesses stated that at about 8 pm on Mondays tanker drivers would park their product-filled vehicles and start selling to local patrons who are fondly called black marketers.

The so-called black market merchants buy in Jerry cans, and drums which are usually brought to the spots of the illicit business along Marwa road.

A middle-aged man who would rather be known as Tony said that there is usually a seal placed at the mouth of the tank of the fuel-carrying tanker to specify that the product is intact as purchased from the depot.

He however lamented the activities of these criminal elements whom he said had a way of buying fake seals from some depot officials with which they reseal the tanks before setting out to the original destination of the trucks.

On why the quantity loaded from the depot remain up to gauge, other eyewitnesses say that most times dirty water from the overflowing drainages are scooped and poured into the tanks before the re-sealing process is done.

It was also gathered that officers and men of the Nigerian Police always come at the early hours of the morning (Tuesdays especially ) to collect their share of the monies realized from this illegal trade.

It would be recalled that the country has never witnessed the kind of bad fuel that has damaged vehicles of innocent Nigerians like the ones in recent times.

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