April 23, 2024

Expired Tyres, Cannabis Form Bulk Of Customs Seizures

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Expired Tyres, Cannabis Form Bulk Of Customs Seizures


By Ebenezer William

Pneumatic tyres popularly known in Nigeria have continued to flock to our country due to the trade of smuggling by unpatriotic citizens.

This assertion was made by the Acting Comptroller General of Nigeria Customs, Bashir Adewale Adeniyi in a press briefing at Abeokuta on the 6 of October 2023.

The Acting Comptroller General regretted the influx of such used tyres that are fit for European countries but highly risky on Nigerian roads. He went on to say that such (pneumatic) tyres are only valid for four years after which it is expected to be destroyed.

However, instead of getting rid of these expired tyres Nigerians in collaboration with their foreign counterparts smuggle such dangerous commodities into Nigeria.

While Describing the tyres, Comptroller Bashir said that these are ring-shaped protective coverings made of rubber and filled with compressed air, typically used in foreign countries.
Mention was also made about Cannabis Sativa, commonly known as marijuana a drug which is now commonly used by youths in Nigeria to boost their confidence while carrying out nefarious deeds.

The Acting CG of Nigeria Customs had more to say “In a previous press conference held on August 7, 2023, we drew attention to the grave issue of Cannabis Sativa, commonly known as marijuana or Indian hemp.

This psychoactive drug is derived from the cannabis plant and has seen a concerning rise in abuse within Nigerian society, especially among our youth. We highlighted the ingenious tactics employed by those engaged in this nefarious trade, including smuggling through land borders, utilizing creeks, and even resorting to smuggling via air routes.

We reaffirmed the Nigeria Customs Service’s commitment to protecting society from the entry of harmful substances and ensuring the safety and well-being of Nigerians”.

“Today, we are delighted to report that our commitment to our citizens remains steadfast, as our statutory obligations shield our beloved nation from the scourge of illicit drugs.

Our officers’ relentless efforts and unwavering dedication in Zone A, specifically the Ogun 1 Area Command, have borne fruit, leading to the interception of Cannabis Sativa, used Pneumatic Tyres, and vehicles laden with 50kg bags of foreign parboiled rice. Allow me to provide the details of these significant seizures:

Between September 18 and September 30, 2023, the officers of the Ogun 1 Area Command seized 1,436 used Pneumatic tyres, 53 sacks, and 569 parcels of Cannabis Sativa, weighing a total of 1,179 kilograms. Additionally, they apprehended 3,149 bags of foreign parboiled rice, each weighing 50 kilograms, alongside 32 vehicles used for conveyance, among other items.

These seizures’ Duty Paid Value (DPV) amounts to an impressive N241,977,943.00.
These seizures were executed at various locations, including Papa/Ajegunle, Ilaro Road, Imasayi/Joga Road, Ijebu Ode axis, and Odogbolu bush path along Ijebu Ode road in Ogun State.

It is essential to highlight that these seizures are a testament to our renewed determination and strategic deployment of both human and material resources. Our commitment to protecting Nigerians from the audacious actions of daredevil smugglers remains unwavering.

In conclusion, Comptroller Bashir reaffirmed the dedication of Nigeria Customs to ensure all Nigerians’ safety and well-being with a resolve to curb illicit trade, safeguard Nigerian roads from dangerous tyres, and protect its youth from the devastating effects of illicit drugs.

He called for the support and understanding of all Nigerians to work assiduously to rid Nigeria of these criminal elements are invaluable to building a safer and stronger Nigeria.

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