June 19, 2024

MMIA Generates N47 Billion

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MMIA Generates N47 Billion

By Okezie Nnadi

The Murtala Muhammed Airport Command of the Nigerian Customs Command has generated a total of Forty seven Billion, Two hundred and forty nine million, Seven hundred and eight five thousand, Twenty Naira forty five kobo (₦47,249,785, 020.44) which represents 83.24% of target met. When compared to the same period in 2022 of Forty Billion, Three hundred and thirty five Million, Six hundred and seven Thousand, Six hundred and fifty four Naira, Ninety Kobo. (₦40,335,607,654.90) a progressive difference of Six Billion, Nine hundred and fourteen Million, One hundred and seventy seven Thousand, Three Hundred and Sixty Five Naira, Fifty five Kobo (₦6,914,177,365.55k) representing 17.14% increase.
” In the area of Anti-smuggling the Command made remarkable successes through coordinated anti-smuggling activities in synergy with other critical stakeholders which led to the seizure of six (6) packages of suspected Dried Shark Fins with FOB Value of Two Hundred and Twenty one Million, Eight Hundred and eighty five Thousand, Seven Hundred Sixty nine Naira, Two Kobo (221,885,769.02) and also Twenty Five packages (25) of suspected Dried Donkey Genitals with FOB value of One Billion, Ten Million, Three Hundred and Seventy Two Thousand, Seven Hundred sixty one Naira, Ninety eight Kobo. (1,010,372,761.98) bringing it to a Total of One Billion, Two Hundred and Thirty two Million, Two Hundred and Fifty Eight Thousand, Five Hundred and Thirty one Naira. (1,232,258,531). The suspects in connection with this illegal intended Export have been arrested and investigation is ongoing.
“These items were seized mainly because of various forms of infractions on Export guidelines and failure to comply with CITES Law on endangered species as enshrined in the Nigeria Customs Service Act.”
He appreciated Officers and Men of the command for their dedication to the Service. I urge them to always adhere strictly to the rules of engagements while discharging their statutory duties.

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