April 23, 2024

ANCLA Election: Nwabunike Canvases Support For Farinto

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ANCLA Election: Nwabunike Canvases Support For Farinto


The National President, Association of Nigerian Licenced Customs Agents (ANLCA), Chief Tony Nwabunike
(Iju Ozubulu), has thrown weight behinde Dr. Kayode Farinto, whom he described as the man to take the leadership of ANALCA to the next level.
He said:
“I have read back and forth stories of endorsements on the most suitable National President of Association of Nigeria Licenced Customs Agents (ANLCA), one coming from a former president, who endorsed his then Vice President, Emenike Nwokeoji.
“One is therefore compelled by the reality of our recent past and this season to refresh our memory and extol those noble virtues that make Dr. Kayode Farinto stands out as the best man for the job to steer ANLCA to greater height.
“By providence and the popular will of ANLCA voters, Dr. Fairinto emerged Vice President to me from the Enugu election held on March 8, 2018.
“The many battles we wrestled with started on the eve my inauguration as President where Farinto and I started managing multiple threats and avoidable distractions.
“Tony Nwabunike described Dr. Farinto, to be a selfless individual, team player and one who is ever ready to defend this great association in deed and in truth. I see in him a loyal, consistent and forthright individual who believes in the sustainable institutional framework that holds ANLCA together, come rain come shine.
“Farinto believes in consultation and dialogue with listening ears that will foster an all inclusive ANLCA in unity and love,” he said.
Going further, Chief Iju Ozubulu informed.
“ANLCA Secretariat is not a beer parlour or drinking base. Farinto being a thoroughbred professional will run it with basic etiquette required to administer a corporate head office.
“I hereby plead with our people to choose wisely and build a stronger ANLCA by voting Dr Kayode Collins Farinto as National President of ANLCA and all his team members contesting for other NECOM Offices.
They are a team of credible, dedicated and result oriented people”.
He went on :
“I want to appeal to various managing directors of licensed customs agent companies and their representatives that will be voting for new ANLCA Executives in July 2023, to be firmed in their love for the association by not committing our NECOM into the hands of those who subjected our secretariat to multiple attacks .
“Our only offence against them was coming out victorious in the face of all odds even with the endorsement they enjoyed from the then incumbent president.”
He went on.
“They vowed to make the association ungovernable with excuses like running a parallel BoT, instituting multiple court cases, distracting us with chains of police invitations over false allegations, coming with thugs armed with guns and charms to attack our secretariat and even sponsoring physical assault against my person.
“These are people that are joyful when the secrerariat is locked up. They jubilate, taking delight in things that connotes downfall.
“In their desperation, they say boldly that it’s either they hold the reins of power or they make trouble in a do-or-die fashion. This was shamelessly exhibited severally by those who are Farinto’s opponents today”.
He added.
“Like the fake mother in the case of biblical king Solomon, the opponents were asking that the baby(ANLCA) be divided into two parts while we begged like the real mother that dividing the baby means destroying a young life.
“Today, they are asking to nurture the same baby they demanded be divided yesterday. Don’t trust them. Don’t allow them.
“People who insist that it’s either they lead or else everything gets destroyed should not be entrusted with leadership because they can use it to hurt the association.
“A customs broker is not a thug and should not be seen as a sponsor or patron to hooligans because of anything, not even because of association leadership,”he said.

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