July 25, 2024

NCS: PTML Command Generates Revenue Of Over 256 Billion Naira In 2023

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NCS: PTML Command Generates Revenue Of Over 256 Billion Naira In 2023

By Ebenezer William

The Port Teminal Multiservice Limited (PTML) Command of Nigeria Customs Service collected a total of Two hundred and fifty-six bilion, three hundred and sixty-three millicn, two hundred and ninety-five thousand, one hundred and forty-one naira, sixty-seven kobo (#256,363,295,141.67) only, as revenue for 2023.

Customs Area Controller of the command, Comptroller Saidu Abba Yusuf, said the 2023 collection is Twenty-six billion, eight hundred and eighty-nine million, three hundred and eighty-two thousand, one hundred and sixty-five naira (#26,889,382,165) higher than the Two hundred and twenty-nine bilion, four hundred and seventy-three milion, nine hundred and twelve thousand, nine hundred and seventy-six naira and ninety-seven kobo (#229,473,912,976.97) which represents an increase of 12 percent last year, above 2022.

Comptroller Yusuf said the year 2023 was a successful one for the Command considering it’s accomplishments in discharge the service core mandates of revenue generation, facilitation of legitimate trade, anti-smuggling activities and ensuring of National security
The Command handled export goods with a total tonnage of about One hundred and fifty-nine thousand, three hundred and fourteen point twenty-three (159,314.23) metric tons, with a total Free on Board (FOB) of value of Forty-nine billion, nine hundred and eighty milion, eight hundred and sicty-five thousand, eight hundred and seventy-five naira, fifteen kobo
(#49,980,865,875.15) only in the year 2023.

In the area of anti-smuggling activities, the Command made some seizures in the year
under review. As a result of diligent hundred percent cargo examination and deployment of inteligence, we uncovered attempts to smuggle arms and ammunition, expired tomato concentrates, used tyres and used fridges into the country. A breakdown of the seizures
are indicated below.

* 1x40ft container no: ACLU9715690 containing used household items such as used mattresses, used chairs, used tyres and used electronics falsely declared as three used vehicles.

* 1x40ft container no: ACLU9715690 found to conceal 2,958 pieces of used tyres and
used fridges, falsely declared as two vehicles and used household items.

* 1x40ft container no: ACLU9680248 found to conceal Ten (10) fire arms, Three
Empty Magazines, and 442 rounds of live ammunition. Other items include 140 bags of foreign parbolled rice, Three (3) used vehicles and used household items.

* 2120ft containers found to conceal expired Tomato concentrates.

*1x40ft container no.GCNU4720167 extracted Three (3) cartons of Co-codamol.

A total of fve (5) SUspects were arrested in connecion with these seizures and have been granted administrative bail.

Total duty paid value of (DPV) value of One hundred and fifty-eight milion, four hundred
and three thousand, five hundred and fourty -eight naira, seventy-three kobo
(#158,403,548.73) only.

Within the period under review, the Command sustained its average of three hour clearance time of vehicle for compliant traders.

An efficient and accessible dispute resolution committee has been put in place to regularly brief the Customs Area Controller with a view to quickly resolving all rade disputes. This committee contributed immensely to the success recorded during the year under review.

Comptroller Yusuf personaly monitored transactions and interventions by the various units daily to sustain our standard of ease of doing business and trade facilitation.

The Command has continued to maintain a cordial relaticnship with the various government agencies like the NDLEA, NAFDAC, SON, NPA, NESREA, NAQS, e.t.c.

We have effectively functioned as the lead agency towards “ease of doing business” in the port. This has greatly contributed to the efficiency in service delivery. Regular meetings were held with our critical stakeholders where issues affecting various segment of the supoly chain were well discussed and solutions proffered.

Furthemore, the forum served as a platform through which compliances was being preached and feedback received. Through these engagement we shared ideas and pursued govenment objectives without compromising our respective mandates as enshrined in our enabling laws. We met to share intelligence, prevent and detect crimes in the national interest and on our part as NCS we prevented revenue loss.

The Customs Area Controller, on behalf of the officers and men of the Command expressed deep appreciation to the Comptroller General of Customs, Bashir Adewale Adeniyi MFR, and his entire management team for the support we have enjoyed from their inspiring leadership, giving us direction and guiding us on the path of productivity.

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