July 25, 2024

Customs: Tincan Command targets N1.13trn in 2024

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Customs: Tincan Command targets N1.13trn in 2024


By Okezie Nnadi

The Tincan Island Customs Command is targeting a revenue haul of N1.13 trillion in 2024, as allocated to the Port Command by the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) for 2024.

The Nigerian Customs Service, Tincan Island Command has netted over N726.5billion last year, 2023. Out of the target of over N801 billion earmarked last year. Coming out of the 2023 target, the Command is going gungho with a revenue target of N1,130,768,051,88.29 trillion for 2924.

Disclosing to Journalists in a briefing today at the Tincan Island Command conference Hall, the Command’s Area Controller, Comptroller. Dera Nnadi maintained that the target, may appear humongous and insurmountable but it is actually achievable.
According to Compt. Dera Nnadi, the 2023 revenue target was also received with mixed feelings and subtle optimism “but here we’re, having crossed that hurdle, I have to say that I am an incurable optimist and I believe with all hands on deck, it’s achievable.”

He continued by saying, we shall quickly set machinery in motion, with strategies to ensure the target is met.

When the target of N801,142.297billio was allotted the Command in 2023, it looked daunting but we had our strategies, we got most stakeholders to rally round us, with strategic Meetings geared towards achieving the set goal. In other to enhance further we started a 24hr clearance operation and the result is there for you to see, though it’s not fully operational but most key stakeholders are keying in and we are moving on with it.

THe disclosed that the sum of N716,479.70576.74.was collected as revenue for federal government in 2023 despite all odds,” Nnadi said.

All stakeholders he disclosed, were part of last year’s achievements, he praised the freight Forwarders, the Traders, Importers and others for their understanding and cooperation towards this revenue drive. The Command he revealed, has therefore pledged to devote their time, to serve them better henceforth and that is why they have declared this year 2024, as ‘stakeholders year’.

Controller Nnadi continued by saying that since 2006 Customs has deliberately had a robust stakeholders engagement which is paying off in so many ways. “Here at Tincan, we encourage them to be Duty compliant while
considering the exchange rate, we cannot shy away from the reality of the exchange rate which affects everything, that’s why we encourage people to go into export.”
While encouraging them to be Duty and environmental Landscape Compliant, Nnadi warned that his Command will not hesitate to deal decisively with anyone who refuses to comply.

Nnadi commended the Enforcement Unit for the over N38.91 billion Naira recorded as DPV for seizures.He lauded his officers for their commitment. While revealing that the NCS has instituted a reward system for officers who Excell in their different tasks, the CGC he disclosed has in 2023 given out letters of recommendation to officers found to be exceptional in their line of duty, some have been given special recognition and promoted ahead of squad mates in the last promotion exercise.

Revenue Target: Last year was N801b and this year 2024, N1,130,768.51.831.31trillionN21,666.
Breaking the revenue figure down, it comes down to N21.666b on
weekly basis,
4,332,444.b everyday . The target of N1.1tr he says, represents 27%of National Target. The Controller revealed his leadership is going to engage the National Trade regulatory agency for time release study on Tincan Island Customs port Command.

“It’s very significant to recognize that no bird flies with one wing. That is why the NCS has recognised the importance of the freight Forwarders and traders who do it right. In Tincan we want to do it differently by doing 24 hrs Operation. In the past we used to blame the stakeholders for every infraction but it takes two to tangle and we shall hold any Officer who releases any cargo with infraction. We have mapped out strategy to ensure that unnecessary demurrage is not incurred by importers due to the fault of the Customs. Whatever we achieved last year was a joint effort with all stakeholders and we want everyone to join hands with Customs to meet this new target, it is achievable, if we all join hands, the CGC, wale Adeniyi and his management team has looked at our performance last year and in their wisdom allotted this revenue target to Tincan Command, let us all work towards it, it’s achievable.” Nnadi maintained.

He commended the CGC for his encouragement which has further boosted the confidence of officers and men of the Service.

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